Sunday, 2 February 2014

Vintage petticoat and disek

Sometimes it is just cheaper to buy a vintage/antique costume pieces than it is to make a new one. That was certainly the case with this petticoat but it was the crochet lace border and the pin tucks that made it impossible for me to resist. It is a pity about the elastic in the waist though. I am thinking about converting it to a drawstring waist.

Some days before the Dickensfestijn in Deventer I bought this antique dijzak/disek/thigh pocket. Unfortanetly I didn't arrive in time for me to wear it to the event but I'll be sure to wear this year.
It's a practical and authentic solution to keep your valuebles save, especially in a crowd. I do however will have to add longer ties.
I also plan on using this original version as an example for making thigh pockets, they will make great gifts for victorian and edwardian costume loving girlfriends.

How to fold a dijzak:
A dijzak from 1890-1895
Other images from a dijzak:
Remnants of a silk version


Antje uit Urk said...

That's nice, i was very surprised when i saw the link of my blog on your blog! A very interesting message!
Greetings from Urk (a very small and lovely village in the Netherlands)

Antje uit Urk said...

Oooh, je woont hier gewoon ha,ha!
groetjes Antje

Esther said...

Hallo Antje,

Bedankt voor je berichtje ! :)