Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Victorian working class boy costume; pants.

Our son has decided that he wants to join us at our victorian events this year! He wants a working class outfit. Which will pair nicely with my 1840-1850's working class costume.

I have made him a pair of grey wollen trousers for him with Laughing Moon pattern #106, California pants. The pattern doesn't come in childs sizes so I made the smallest size, 28 waist. And took it in at the side seams. The pants are also much to long but will be given a wide hem just before the event. Hopefully this way he will be able to fit in it for a few years as all the seams can be let out.

Pants front, closed button fly, pockets and wooden buttons.

Front open, button fly with bone buttons.

Pants back, waist cincher.

We didn't purchase any new things for this costume. I already had the pattern lying around for years, unused I might add. The grey wool fabric was a left over scrap from his previous costume. He went with us to one victorian event when he was a lot smaller.  And got really cold and bored. So we left him with his grandparents every year since. The brown tweed woollen coat was a gift from a friend who's son had outgrown it. The red scarf I knitted myself and is actually one of my first knitting projects in years. The grey tweed cap I bought in a store for his previous victorian adventure.

We still needs shoes and a knitted sweater or flannel shirt and vest, but I think he already looks the part!



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