Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ageing gracefully

Growing older I find it hard to find a rolemodel on how to grow old gracefully. There are ofcourse a great number of good looking older actresses and musicians out there but many of them have had work done or are frantically trying to stay young.

I always loved the look of graceful and serene look of Audrey Hepburn, but for me a curvy little girl with a big mouth, it seemed unattainable. It was clear to me that I'd never be that thin or senere for that matter.

Although I'd never be as beautiful and sexy my other inspiration seemed more my type. I fell in love with Marilyn Monroe when I was about nine or so. Not by seeing one of here movies but by seeing a documentary about her death.

Marilyn never got the chance to grow old and now that I am getting older older. I have outlived her by several years now, I start looking for inspiration in other women. And I find myself looking at pictures of Audrey more often again.

It helps me to accept that there is a way to grow old without nips and tucks. Her beauty comes from within and it shows.


Cathy Raymond said...

I hear you. At 54, I've begun to realize that it is time for me to work on growing old gracefully too. I'm trying to cultivate a more positive attitude toward life and keep physically active, and both are helping. Good luck!

Esther said...

@Cathy I think ageing gracefully has a lot too do with self acceptance, a love and lust for life and a kind heart.
And ofcourse it's helps when you take good care of your body as well. ;-) It seems to me you are on the right track. I will (try) and follow.