Friday, 24 May 2013

Viking Whitsun Market Archeon

Once again we had a wonderful time at the Viking Market in the Archeon. We set up camp on friday in the pooring rain, we broke up camp on monday in the pooring rain. But saturdays weather was okay and sunday was wonderful. As always the best thing was talking to all of our friends after a long winterstop. On sunday it was the ranger's apprentice day and ofcouse or son, who is a big fan, had his picture taken.

You can find more pictures on our website (foto's, 2013). There is only one picture of me, looking white as a sheet, the nights where really cold so I didn't get much sleep.

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Cailin Coilleach said...

Ha! I guess not much has changed since my days in the SCA: cold, wet, miserable, but friends who make it worth it. Mostly...