Wednesday, 11 January 2012

1950's Disaster project.

Ever started a sewing project that should be quick and easy to do. Which turned out to be a nightmare? Historical costumes and vintage (style) clothing look more authentic when the correct underwear is worn. So I decided to make a pair of silk nickers from the 1950's. I already owned a 1950's slip and knickers pattern. And had worked on a mock-up model, decided that the pattern needed to be altered. And put the whole idea aside for later.

With new inspiration in the shape of my What Katie Did lingerie. I decided to start working with it again. I made the pattern pieces a little bit shorter and made another mock-up model. Although I encountered some problems, I decided to go ahead and start working on the real thing. It's going to be soft pink silk, with black satin decorations. I am quite sure that it is going to be lovely when it is finished. It looks promising so far. But the project has been a disaster from the start. I really dislike working with silk this thin, just because it is so slippery. And so may little (and some big) things have gone wrong and I have made so many mistakes. That I am completly frustrated at this moment with myself and with the project.

So I think it is time to put it aside for yet another day and to take a shower to clear my head. Progress on this small project is slow, but eventually it will be finished.

I hope....

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