Monday, 16 May 2011

The Borger Hunebed Centre

The weather was not really good but not really bad either. The company however was great! Yesterday we had a lovely time at the
The Borger Hunebed Centre with our vikingfriends and family! My little sister came to see us with her boyfriend. A uncle and aunt of my husband came by as well.

The reconstructed iron age house at the site.

No she's not mine, she's only borrowed but isn't she cute as a button!

My brother-in-law getting archery lessons.

I always love to wear historical costumes at historical sites...

My sister made this lovely picture of the three of us!


Julie said...

I just rode in a reinactment. Posted some pics on my blog about it..

Love your blog!

Atlanta said...

These pictures are so amazing! The costumes and historical site are so perfect!