Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Adventures in hat making: part 11, Edwardian hat finished!

Black wool felt, large brimmed edwardian hat. Decoration: double bow and inside lining are made of bordeaux colored silk. Brim edging is a black satin ribbon. Black marabou feathers, one large black osterich feather and a black feather rose. The brim has a curve but that doesn't show when hat when the hat is lying down.

The pattern I used is the Universal Round brimmed, Straight Sided Crown Hat Pattern from Lynn McMasters

Hat front

Hat side

Hat back

Hat side

Hat top

Hat inside

My cat impersonating a hat. Or reminding me that she is much more beautiful and cuter than a hat.

You will have to wait at least until the weekend before I can post a picture of me wearing it with my costume. Sorry!


Fanny said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Reid said...

This hats are really very nice and good.......

Kura Carpenter said...

Love this, thanks for sharing