Monday, 28 September 2009

A change of mindset

Originally I started working on my son's victorian overcoat as something that I would do quickly and then get on with a real project. The basic pattern is easy enough but it is the new techniques, sewing pockets in and doing cording, that take time. I was really getting frustrated not getting on as quickly as I wanted to.

Today I deciced it was time for a new mindset. Learning the new skills is my goal now, and not getting it done quickly. It worked, today I made a pocket in a scrap piece of fabric. It's not good, but for a start it's not bad either, at least I got my mind around the basics. I"ll probably try it twice more and hopefully get the hang of it.

The other frustration is that I can't get the things I need on our local market or in our local shop. And I haven't got time to go to fabric market in Utrecht on Saturday where they have nearly everything. Luckily enough after some searching I found some of the things I need on the internet. Like this satin piping cord.

It's from De stoffenkraam. The grey tweed and darkgreen cotton fabric that I am using for the coat were also purchased on-line with De Stoffenstunter. A Big hurray for on-line shopping!


Alexandra said...

Vikings and Victorians. Well, I think you have it all covered! Very nice work, too.

Marije said...

Thanks Alexandra! But it gets even worse, we do medieval times as well ;-)