Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New Tent

For years we used an A-frame viking tent but recently we sold it and purchased a Anglo Saxon Geteld. It is easy to transport and much quicker to set up.

From the Utrecht Psalter Psalm 119, Folio 71 Verso

Martyrdom of Saint Boniface - Gottinger Sacramentary

1155 - 1160 Eadwine Psalter

More information and images:
The Geteld


Sarah A said...

I like your tent! I want one like that myself, but it'll probably take a while (years....) before I get the energy to make it. They look so much easier to use than the A-frame "viking" ones.

Marije said...

Thank you for your reaction.

We initially wanted to make or tent ourselves as well, but gave up on the idea when we realized how much time it would take.
The cloth of the A-frame is easier to sew, but the frame of the Geteld is easier to make. Anyway both turned out more work than we have time for.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything telling where the two bottom illustrations of the geteld tents came from. Can you tell me?


Izzy said...

Hello, I was wondering where you purchased your geteld? The style is a little different then what I have seen and I like it :)

Esther said...

Hi Izzy,

From a merchant at the vikingmarket in the Archeon, The Netherlands. Who had them made in Poland. He's out of business so alas I cant help you.

Emma de Woodhall said...

Thank you for your posts. I linked to them on my blog. I'll take down the link if you wish.

Esther said...

@Emma de Woodhall I am happy that you find my blog helpful. And the link I see a compliment!