Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Viking event Archeon

This is, alas, the best picture of me with my new viking costume. In the picture I am sewing on the lovely tabletwoven trim. I was really warm this event, so I didn´t get to wear this set much. I mainly wore my linnen peplos (tube dress) costume.
The yellow apron/suspended dress has been entirely handsewn and I am very proud of myself ;-) I choose to make the later viking period tailored version as I think it is more flattering.

A lovely picture of our encampment from the back, my husband Gunnar and friend Aud are baking pancakes in the heat.

Here a picture of the front. We shared the spot with our old friends from Tjursläkter. Which was great fun, but sometimes a bit crowed.


Einarr & Sigarda said...

Wow! I hadn't checked these pages in a few weeks and what I see now is fabulous! Love love love the new Viking costumes!

cathyr19355 said...

I like the new Viking outfit too; I love yellows and oranges and other autumn colors.

Marije said...

Thank you both!