Saturday, 6 June 2009

New fabric and new plans

At the vikingmarket in the Archeon last week I bought myself some lovely fabrics. The top fabric is a very thin, light and soft wool (merino, gabardine) which will become an viking apron front and most likely a (medieval) veil.
The pinkish fabric, is also a thin wool, will be dyed with madder and will end up as a 14th/15th century kirtle.
The gorgeous broken diamond twill grey linnen will become a sleeveless viking under/summertunic or a sleeved viking undertunic or a peplos. (The Museum in Assen that has the Princess of Zweeloo says it is white diamond twill linnen.) Although I think it would look really cool as a peplos, I don't get to wear one often. As I don't want to cover such a beautiful fabric up it will probably end up as a sleeveless summertunic slash underdress. If I am really lucky and cut the fabric real economically, we could maybe squeeze out a sleeved and a sleeveless tunic.

Slowly I am starting to prepare for The Anton Pieck Parade (victorian style event)which takes place in December. My husband wants a new waistcoat and my son wants to come with us this year. So he will need a costume. It's hard to find historical dress patterns for childeren, it's even worse for boys but luckily enough Ageless Patterns has several.

This is one I think would be perfect for my son.

1868 Suit for Boy 8-10 Yrs

This suit, which was made of gray cloth, consists of trousers and jacket. The last is finished by two front pieces, imitating a vest, of white piqué, furnished with buttons and buttonholes, by which the jacket is fastened.

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