Monday, 8 September 2008

Vikingmarket Archeon

It was a very rainy weekend and I couldn't do much more than sit under our rainshade. So I deciced to make myself useful and start on nalebindig a second pair of socks for my son. The orange wol is dyed with a madder, unionskins mixture, the beige wol is dyed with walnut shells he has collected himself.

A picture of my good friend Aud doing some tabletweaving.

(top) his other pair of socks,(bottom) socks in the making and natural dyed woollen yarn.

I had a lovely weekend, thanks to all my friends who where there, no thanks to the weather ;-). But I must admit that I am happy to be able to continue work on my 1885's day dress.

For some more pictures of the vikingmarket at the Archeon visit our website

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