Monday, 21 May 2018

Viking/Early Medieval, Whitsun Market at Archeon

Again we had a great time at the Whitsun Market at the Archeon. 
Here I am working on a linen undertunic for a next event in June
and my son is relaxing after a long week at school. 

My husband his woodcarving always attracts a lot of attention.
After all those years it's still a form of magic to me,
 to see those figurines appear out of blocks of wood.

Finally a photo with the three of us in it!
The fire pit was from the museum but we were very grateful for it in the evenings.

A chip of the old block. my son woodcarving an arrow display stand.
(yes, proud mom speaking here)

Ofcourse a weekend at the Archeon isn't complete

without us taking up the bow and arrow.

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