Monday, 11 December 2017

The Street of Queen Emma ('t Straatje van Emma), A Christmas in the 19th century.

Wow, it has been a very long time since I have been able to write a blog. Time really flies when you're having fun (or extremely busy).

I saw that my last blog post was in September this year. A lot has happend since then and a lot has been made by me since then but first let me share pictures of last Saturday Victorian themed event.

In the garden of the house we called "home" for the day.

Our favourite couple drinking tea. 

Our artist

Two fine gentlemen having a chat.
(And look the Chesterfield coat got finished in time!)

One of the other artists entertaining the childeren.

Doing some sewing and having a nice chat.

Christmas gifts

Bringing around the Christmas gifts.

The hat was made in the week before the event!
It's a brimless victorian hat aka a pillbox or pork pie hat 
made with this pattern by Lynn McMasters

This is all I have time for right now. Hopefully I'll have to time again, to tell you all the other things I have done in the last months, soon. 

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