Monday, 15 December 2014

Anton Pieck Parade 2014

The weather forecasts had been frightfully bad the whole week. With horrid tales of heavy rains and storms. So when  it only rained a little for a short while last Saturday. We felt truly blessed! 

This year our son came along. It's doesn't happen often
that we have a picture with the three of us in it.
Two of my girlfriends joined us as well.

My 1840's dress looks better on her than it does on me!

This year the lady in the middle didn't need to borrow
one of my costumes. She made her own and
I think she did a splendid job!

This picture is taken in our "living"room.
My husband is teaching our son how to write 
with a dip pen.

It was his first time writing with a dip pen
but he got the hang of it almost immediately.

All three of the ladies where doing needlework.
A proper activity for fine victorian ladies.
Added bonus was that I got some work done.

I added some braid decoration to the 
1860's winter hood that I am currently working on.

Me at the end of the day, tired but happy.


Kelly v said...

Love your dress and wow your top hat! Glad the rain held off.

Esther said...

@Kelly v Thank you for your compliment! The top hat is vintage/antique found in a secondhand store.