Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Victorian Ladies Winter Hood.

I had fallen in love with the pattern and had bought it but wasn't planning on making it soon. That was until the school that I work at borrowed some of my victorian/ edwardian costumes for their Christmas play Father Panov. The setting of the play was nostalgic with a russian feel. One of the costume pieces was a red cape and I thought it would look magnificent on the actress and have a more "russian feel"  with a hood.



The pattern I used for the hood part was Kay Fig, Ladies Winter Hood 1860, copy of an original pattern.

The school play was great and both actresses looked wonderful in their costumes which made me very proud! Dressing them was also a lot of fun and I loved being involved in the play.

After the play I added some extra black velvet decoration and wore it to the Deventer Dickens fair.The plan was to make it detachable. So I could wear the cape with or without it but if I have enough fabric left I might make the original attached cape from the pattern. Worn over the cape it's an extra layer for warmth but it will also be a nice costume piece on it's own.

Here is a good view of the front 
Photograph made by Benne Solinger

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