Thursday, 16 January 2014

Getting creative about being creative

December and January is always a time of year that I become a little bit reflective, but this time I have been kind a of blue. With both of us unemployed ,again. We hardly get by and there is little or, more honestly, no money for costuming projects. To add to the fun our cat has become I'll and we are spending our savings on veterinary bills.

But with three creative people creating things isn't just about having a hobby or collecting thing it is part of who we are and necessary for us not to become down or sink into a depression. Time to get creative about being creative:

  1. Use our stash! In the last 15 years we have gathered materials. Time to put them to use! If a costume/projects needs more than 1/3 of new supplies, this is not the time to work on it.
  2. Make alterations (if possible) to excisting costumes etc instead of making new things.
  3. Spend more time on a project, (researching, hand sewing, embellishing, tweeking etc) instead of rushing through it on my way to the next idea. Big bonus is a better quality of my work.
  4. Money earned with our hobby, may be spend on the hobby.
  5. Ask for money or supplies for my birthday, applies to Mother's day/Sinterklaas/Christmas as well. With Sint Nicolaas I asked for 4 skeins of black yarn and got them as a present. That made me very happy because now I am working on a crochet shawl.
Remember the Edwardian shawl I made several months ago? It is really lovely, but the colors, madder red and walnut husk brown, made it hard to find a costume to wear it with. So now I've decided to make a more neutral and practical black version. 


Cathy Raymond said...

I'm sorry to hear about your financial situation; I hope it improves soon!

Your ideas about "getting creative are good. I've been finding out from my own experience that it's possible to engage in projects on little or no money (it's a good time to get to long Unfinished Projects, for example).

Esther said...

Hi Cathy, thank you for your reaction. And finishing Long Unfinished Projects is a very good idea !