Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dickens festijn, Deventer, 15th of December 2013

This was our first time at the Dickens festijn. We weren't allowed to make any pictures there while in costume but we where lucky enough that a friend and photographer Gerard Zoethout was joining us to capture the experience. 

Please do not use any of the pictures below without his permission!

Travelling in time with a photographer means
 that the first pictures ofcourse have to be taken at the train station, in Arnhem.

The queue was enormous, people had to wait up to two hours to get in.

First official event picture.
 My friends really where the loveliest couple there.

Chatting with old and new friends.

My nickname for the day, Little Red Riding Hood.
Don't know why?! 

Trying to look demure, not an easy task

Shopping with MyLady

Window shopping.

At the train station in Deventer, before travelling back home,
 this time one in keeping with our costume.

All pictures copyright Gerard Zoethout


Cathy Raymond said...

Mr. Zoethout did a wonderful job with the pictures and you look marvelous! Red is a great color for you, and you look happy and elegant.

Esther said...

We had a great time and it shows I guess. I really loved wondering around in the old part of town, dating back to the middle ages. Somehow it felt right.

Happy Holidays to you!