Friday, 1 November 2013

Pictorial overview of current projects.

 Just in case you are wondering what I am up to these days...

A blue velvet 1885's bodice & sleeves, for a friend.
current status: work in progress

1840's -1860's wrapper
current status: work in progress

1840's -1850's quilted petticoat
current status: work in progress

Red and green knitted christmas scarf
current status: 1.30m of the 2m done, work in progress

Current status: done! Finished it yesterday

Yesterday i want to the KreaDoe beurs in Utrecht,
 looking for some prjects I can do with the childeren at school.

I got inspired alright but those where no projects for kids:

I don't even think they are project for me,I just haven't got the patience.

Bought myself a book on broomstick lace and a magnifier lamp.
A magnifier lamp, that feels like admitting that I am getting old...

At this moment flat on my back, because my lower back and legs are killing me.
Sewing crinoline tape to the hem of my quilted petticoat, 
to create more volume. I don't have the time or ambition to
make more victorian petticoats before December. 
So I am cheating!

My current status, busy!

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Trudy Brinkman said...

He bezig bijtje. Hoe is het met je rug? Gaat het een beetje.
Liefs, Trudy