Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Vikingmarket Archeon

Our son making bone dice. 
He was gone most of the time playing with his friends,
 only to resurface at mealtimes. 

Because we where there for four days I actually got a lot of crafts done.
I hemmed a white linen undertunic, sewed a tabletwoven band to my, finally, finished
hand sewn green woollen tunic and did some nalebinding.

Nalebinding socks for my husband. 
Didn't finish them so I'll have to finish them at home.
He really needs a second pair of socks!

Wood carving 

Making salad with fresh chard, unions, fennel, radishes and honey

Our camp.

We had the times of our lives, the weather was great, the company was wonderful and the atmosphere almost stress free. (No rain helps an awful lot). At night the kids swam and played with the canoes. We walked barefoot for most of the time and picked blackberries.
Too bad that reality kicked in yesterday when my son had his first day of school and for me there was ofcourse the laundry!

I was really sad because this was my last, early medieval, event for this year. But there is going to be a blue dyeing workshop/event at Schothorst which hopefully I will be able to attend. It will be nice to be around people with the same interest and work on things together.

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