Friday, 2 August 2013

Dolmens of Drouwen

My intention was to share our vacation pictures in one blog post but after looking all the pictures that I want to share with you. I decided to break it up in pieces as it would become a really long post otherwise.

Like most people we go to see the sites while on holiday in another country but never (really) bother to see the beautiful and cultural sight of there own country. This year, while staying in one of the most beautiful places of the Netherlands, namely the county of Drenthe. We decided to enjoy the sights of our own country.

1th of August, Drouwen, Drenthe, The Netherlands.

Dolmen D19 & D20.


 Beautiful Oak Tree

D19 with D20 in the background

View from the Dolmen.


D20 with D19 in the background

Random nature 

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Cathy Raymond said...

Striking, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos!