Friday, 2 August 2013

Doing chores and a nifty gadget

The current warm weather doesn't motivate me to do a big sewing project, instead I choose to do to little pesky chores I usually hate to do, like altering a neckline, doing repairs etc. A while ago I bought this really lovely shawl that I wanted to edge with some silver colored linen, to hide the machine sewn hem and to make it more personal, as a lot of ladies bought the same shawl.

To make making an edging easier I bought this really nifty clover gadget, a bias tape maker, it's still a lot of (hot!) work and I haven't really got the hang of it yet but still I think it's better than doing it by and completly.

Curious how it works. Here's a YouTube video

Here's the cat of friends taking a nap on some of my projects....

End result! Another chore finished, but still a lot more to go...

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