Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Waiting for a little Diva

My sisters due date is coming very close now and I thought it was a really good excuse to try my hand at one of those cute little babydresses. 
When she was here a while ago, we looked at the crocheted dresses I wore when I was a baby.
 As she still has her own crocheted babydresses,  
I decided that every generation has a right to her own crocheted dress.

My christening gown and a sweet pink baby dress, 
which served as the dress of my favorite doll for years.

The dress for my niece is called the Angel Wing Pinafore and the pattern is from designer Maxine Gonser, 
who has more, really lovely and cute, patterns.
I found it through Ravelry, I am a Big fan of Ravelry it's not only great for patterns but also for inspiration.

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