Monday, 4 March 2013

Vintage style birthday presents and other things.

I can't believe that is almost a month since my last post. I've been really busy with my two (still!) sick men and keeping our household running. Two weeks ago was my husbands birthday and I got him this nice antique silverplated pocketwatch from around 1919. It has a crack in the dial which is a pity but it runs nicely  and I like the simple and functional design.

My son gave him this really cool Edwardian compass watch fob.

And good friends and fellow victorian re-enactors: Mark, Wieze en Max gave him a watch chain. Needless to say that Remko was very happy.

In turn we bougth Max a vintage style birthday present as well.

A 1920's stick pin/tie pin with adorable glass cameo.

Just goes to show that Ebay and Etsy's are dangerous places to be.

I have done more that just spending money. I am still trying to learn how to crochet, the biggest problem for me is getting the edges of my work straight. This turned in to a case for my son his iPod. The idea is very popular at school but teaching crochet is harder dan I thougth.

I've also knitted a lacey spring scarf. 

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