Sunday, 17 March 2013

Victorian reproduction purse

Lately I have been working on this victorian chatelaine purse. The silver purse frame is a family heirloom from around 1860. And the french jet bead appliques are vintage/antique.

The appliques needed to be restored to their former glory and that is exactly what I did, bead by bead.

I never knew how to make this type of purse, so I was very happy to find this helpful article about by Madame Mercantile.

Quite a while ago I promised you all a picture of me wearing my purple woollen 50's style dress. Yesterday we finally got around to taking a picture. 

It's not a great picture I was really tired and was having a bad headache when the picture was taken, but I didn't want to make you even longer.

After 2 or so, no kidding, failed attempts at making a babyhat with crochet. All hat turned out too big, I guess I still need to learn a lot, especially how to read the descriptions. I decided to make these nailbound and felted baby booties instead and finished them just in time to give them as a gift yesterday.

The pink wool has been dyed with cocheneal.


Cathy Raymond said...

The dress is beautiful--and the booties are too! I love that cochineal-pink pastel especially.

Esther said...

Thanks Cathy! :)