Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Anton Pieck Parade 2012

The Anton Pieck Parade will be held again this year in Haarlem on the 8 th of December. It is a victorian style event to honor the dutch artist Anton Pieck. Who lived in Haarlem. I just got the confirmation this week and I am delighted it will be held again. So many great events seized to exist lack of funds. The only downside is that my head immediately filled up with victorian costuming ideas. 

Although my purple Edwardian costume was great, especially the big Merry widow hat. It was a little bit to demure for my personality. I like to make a big impression.

I promised my husband to save time, money, space and stress by not making a whole new costume for this event again. So I have to do like the fashionable victorian ladies did back then. And change the look of my black and red bustle costume. By making some changes and adding new accessories. The idea right now is to wear a different style of overskirt and a new hat. My signature hat with this costume is a top hat. Absolutely fab but very recognizable. I also have a small late victorian hat but it's really not my thing. 

While looking for inspiration I found these pictures of Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holes: A Game of Shadows. 

The hat in the first picture look like this hat sold at Nehelenia Patterns.
The hats in the second and third pictures look like a bowler hat, maybe a little bit modified.
As my husband gave me a bowler hat this year for my birthday this will be my first option.

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