Saturday, 28 July 2012

Trip Denmark 2012; Stovorde - Ribe

Today we travelled back from Stovorde to Ribe. Where we will be staying a night before travelling back home to the Netherlands.

Our original plan was to visit the Moesgard Vikingmarket but when we arrived it was raining heavily. As we spend enough tiem at vikingmarkets in the rain. We went to the museum instead.

One of the things on display was this really interesting silver Valkyrie. Unfortanetly I forgot to write down the information about it.
Not all things where historical on this trip. Here my son and I are playing Smurf Village. In the mincabin we rented for the night at Ribecamping.

I had forgotten to bring a nalebinding needle and some wool. The shop at the Lindholm Hoje visitors center sold packages with the book Nalebinding step by step, a cow horn needle (I collect nalebinding needles) and wool. So ofcourse I had to buy one.

Trying the new stitch in front of our cabin in Ribe.

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