Friday, 6 July 2012

Bowler hat

Yesterday my husband gave me a very untraditional or a very traditional, depending on your point of view birthday, present. My non-costuming friends didn't quite get the gift but my costuming friends did....
Although we both usually prefer antique or vintage items, the hat is new. After looking for an antique version for a couple of years. We found that is really hard to find an antique victorian/edwardian bowler hat that fits, is in a wearable state and is affordable. So when we came across this modern bowler hat that fitted me and looked amazing my husband decided that it was the perfect birthday present for me.
If I want to wear it anytime soon I'd better start working on my victorian style steampunk outfit. So I started thinking (again) about converting an old mock-up model of an Edwardian skirt I made earlier. Currently it's a full lenght with an inverted pleat in the back and a complicated closure. And I never got the closure to work in the mock-up model. Luckily I figured it out when I was making the "real" skirt. I would like to make it into a street lenght skirt with a planchet closure in the back.

Isn't this young lady looking just fabulous!
I already have a blouse, vest and unmentionables. So at least I half way there... When the skirt is done. I "only" need to make a spectators jacket, spats and a steampunk style leather underbust corset. Which should be worn ofcourse over my skirt and blouse.

Another young lady wearing a bowler hat c. 1891.

The lady on the left is wearing a bowler hat.

ca. 1910

Olga Perrova, ca. 1915


Cathy Raymond said...

Splendid! I imagine the hat looks wonderful on you. I can just picture you wearing it with a 1910s suit, perhaps in a rich burgundy color.

Cailin Coilleach said...

I'll start to get worried once you start wearing loads of mascara and showing violent tendencies.

Esther said...

@Cathy The steampunk outfit that I am currently working on is beige. Not really my color but I love the fabric and the whole outfit will become a little bit more interesting when done up with the steampunk things....
But I am curious how this hat will look with my purple wool 1910 outfit.

@Caillin XD I have to admit I still haven't seen Clockwork orange. I can't stand to look a violence...