Monday, 25 June 2012

Oertijdkamp/ prehistoric camp, Hunebedcentrum, Borger

The Sunday at the Prehistoric camp was very wet and there was a lot of wind. Because of the bad weather there weren't many visitors. And who can blame them!? We did have a good time, catching up with friends and fellow re-enactors.
Lucky for us, we had arrived on site on Saturday. When the weather was still lovely. This ment that we could set up camp dry and make some lovely pictures.

You can  find more pictures at (foto's/2012)

Looking at the pictures of me in my 5th century peplos style dress I am not wildly enthusiastic. I am not happy with the way it makes me look. So I really need to think if I want to go through with working on this costume. On the other hand the historical period does intrigue me and I learned a lot about the costume by talking to the people who work there. There is still a lot that can be improved on this costume, the accessories and the information available about it on the internet. So I just might be tempted to put my vanity aside...


Cathy Raymond said...

I think the peplos looks great! Especially with the sprang net you've made for it. The photo of you and your son is my favorite.

Esther said...

@Cathy He always makes me look good! ;)

Thank you for the compliment.

The Dreamstress said...

I like it! Especially the contrast between it and the 50s pin-up dress in your previous post ;-)

And what a fascinating event to get to go to.

Esther said...

@Dreamstress My clothing/costuming interest and styles are eclectic to say the least ;)

As a early medieval/viking re-enactor I am used to being the "oldest" on the block. This time we where the most recent.