Sunday, 3 June 2012


My husband and I managed to make our son a linnen undertunic, linnen thorsberg trousers and woollen thorsberg trouser in three days. It was a true team effort ;) I didn't finish the nalebound socks that I had started on. I didn't think I would need them and as it turned out I didn't need them.
On site we transferred Myrddin his old linnen undertunic in a sleeveless tunic. Which he appreciated very much.It was Ranger's Apprentice day on Sunday, as my son is a HUGE fan he had his picture taken. Doesn't he make an excellent Will!? ;)

Our next event is coming up fast! Sunday the 10th of June we will be attending Kelten door de tijd/Celts through time at Capelle a/d IJssel. Althought the title is Celts through time. We've been hired to portrait a group of Vikings... I am thinking of wearing my 5th century style outfit, which is basicall a peplos. Mainly because I think it's suit the events title better....   and I need a better picture of the costume for my costume website.
Unless it is very warm that day, a peplos without undertunic is perfect summerwear. I'll probably wait and make a more authentic version of this costume first. I am not complety happy with it, the way it is now. On the 23th  and 24th of June we will be at the Hunebed Museum in Borger, Drenthe.  I would be  great to make a picture of me wearing my peplos in front of the Hunebed.

Members of the Vikinggroup Vina made me this Sprangcap based upon a Iron Age hairnet found in Arden (North- Jutland) and the, much earlier, hairnet of Queen Gunhild. Eva made the Sprang hairnet, Corine the woven band. I dyed the madder red yarn used for the cap.

But before I can make a picture I need to make some pretty hard choices.

Do I want to make an accurate reconstruction of the nearby found "Princess"(who was more likely a priestess) of Zweeloo. Evidence suggest that she wore a white diamond twill linen peplos. Which is really lovely and linen is great for summer wear but diamond twill linnen is expensive and white is impractial.

Or do I make a peplos of unbleached natural colored linen. I haven't done any research on 5th century natural dyes so I don't feel free to use colored linen.

Or do I use colored woollen fabric for the peplos. There are several finds, like the Hulderemose Peplos for example, of woollen peplos type dresses. Unfornately I can't wear wool on my bare skin. So I couldn't wear it without a linen undertunic and than it would lose it's purpose as summer wear.

I guess I'll just have to be patient and do some more research before starting on the project.

I intent to sew the tube by hand. I started sewing my Frankish undertunic by hand at Whitsun and I actually liked it.

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Cathy Raymond said...

That's a beautiful sprang cap! Maybe someday I'll teach myself sprang and make myself one.

If you're looking for opinions on what you should use for your peplos, I'd go with the unbleached natural linen. It's much less expensive than diamond twill weave linen, but still period, even though it's not the fabric the Princess wore.

I've sewn all of my period garments by hand for quite awhile now; it can be very pleasant once you're used to it, and it has the advantage of making your work very portable.