Monday, 12 December 2011

Anton Pieck Parade 2011

This years Anton Pieck Parade was really nice. We had some sleepless nights due to bad weather forecasts but the weather turned out to be really nice. Sunny and dry! The public and re-enactors where full of holiday spirit and all had a good time.
I managed to stay in my corset for over twelve hours. Which means that it worked well for me. My costume, especially the hat, got a lot of compliments. And even I am satisfied with it (although I do still have some ideas to make it a little bit more interesting ;-) ). So I am a happy costumer!

One of my girlfriends wearing my green crinoline dress. Doesn't she look amazing.

Check our website (foto's-2011) for more pictures.

This years Anton Pieck Parade on you tube:


Cathy Raymond said...

Your Edwardian costume looks great! The fur collar looks wonderful, and I bet it's really warm.

Esther said...

Hi Cathy,
Thank you for your compliment!
The fur collar was really warm and it really made a difference. If I hadn't worn it. I would have had to wear my black velvet overcoat. Which is nice as well, but I wanted to show the purple coat and skirt.