Monday, 21 March 2011

Viking Jewellery

One of the things I like about Living History and re-enactment is the constant challenge to strive for a high(er) level of authenticity. Theories change with each new archeological find. But more important than that is my personal development. When I begun doing viking re-enactment I was satisfied doing "generic" viking. My first costume was one of commericially dyed wool. The costume I wear now I have dyed myself with natural dyes that where used in the viking period. This costume is still quite generic, the next one I'll try to make the next one more era and region specific.

A year or so ago a fellow re-enactor, who knows I love to do research, pointed out to me that the jewellery I wore was from different regions and eras. While I still support the theory that jewellery was often inherted and that vikings traded, and would have worn jewellery from different places and different times. I liked the idea of being able to show my viking identity with my jewellery as well as with my costume.

My viking persona is ninth century danish. Who started out in Ribe and has migrated, over land, from Danmark to the Low Countries.

And this was my first purchase:

A pair of silver plated tortoise brooches, found in Oldenburg, Germany. And Bornholm Danmark. From the 8-9.century. They are small and lightweight and I absolutely love them!

These brooches are for sale here:

Das Podol I bought mine here and was really statisfied with the excellent service. Good communication and fast delivery!

The Gripping Beast

A few years ago I bought this trefoil brooch from Ratatoskr Which is lucky enough for me also Danish. The original can be found in Moesgard Museum, Denmark.

Das Podol also has a matching bronze beltbuckle and beltend set from 9-10th century Haithabu. As they are from the right period and region I might be buying them later on.

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Cathy Raymond said...

Those are lovely items! I appreciate the link to your vendor as well--interesting selection.