Saturday, 1 January 2011

1940's Glamour Girl Dress

When my husbands grandmother, a former seamstress herself, gave me this lovely silky pink fabric. I immediately thought of the Folkwear #233 Glamour Girl dress pattern, which is a 1940's evening gown, that I had.

I wore this dress New Years Eve, but although I love it, the color and style are amazing. I felt like a little girl who borrowed her mums best dress. So it will have to wait in my closet until I feel I have grown into it.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Cathy Raymond said...

Beautiful! And the color is perfect on you.

Atlanta said...

Stunning! Don't let it hang in the closet too long! it's too beautiful not to wear!

Harma said...

The dress is, as always, perfectly made and I envy you for being able to wear al these gorgeous colours. The style, on the other hand is not half as becoming on you as the blue Snowflake dress. This dress makes you look like Emma, the queen-mother.

Your figure is too nice to hide in a dress that doesn't follow your beautiful curves.

Esther said...

@Cathy and Atlanta

Thnx for the compliments! I might add a black applique and black velvet details to make the dress a little bit more interesting.

Thanx for the compliments. "blushes"
The dress made me feel old and frumpy indeed.
And I do love my snowflake dress too! :-)

Cosplay said...

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Mme Sisi RĂ©narde said...

You're amazing!
I love this colour!