Sunday, 5 December 2010

Saint Nicolas is almost gone...

With my sons birthdaypartymarathon, we always seem to end up celebrating it about three or four times. And with Saint Nicolas almost gone, it is high time to start working on the final preprations for the Anton Pieck Parade on the 11th of December in Haarlem.

The Anton Pieck Parade is a Victorian/Edwardian event, much like the better known Dickensevents, but not based upon the stories by Dickens but on the drawings of Anton Pieck. Who lived and worked in Haarlem, the Netherlands. As he also made the illustrations for, a version of, A Christmas Carol well known and popular Dickens characters, like Scrooge, also attend the event.

In a week's time I have to make:

* my husband a new silk tie, and when I am on it, a spiffy silk Edwardian tie for myself as well.
* Finally(!), finish the inside of the long black wool victorian coat I made and wore last year. Which means covering the seams with bias band, the bais bands have to be sewn in by hand. Next year I intend to wear my purple Edwardian ouft, so knowing me, if I don't finish the coat this year it will never be finished...
* (re-)braid my fake hairbun. A job that I really hate, because I am really bad at it. Last time a friend did it for me.
* sew a few small roses on my overskirt
* re-decorate my top hat.

So my current project, my Edwardian hat, has to wait, at least, untill next week! I had made some pictures of the various stages the buckram hatbase has gone to up untill now, but I seem to have deleted them from my computer. And I have already erased them from my photocamera. So you will have to wait a little bit longer for pictures.

We celebrated Sint Nicolaseve yesterday, instead of today, with three small childeren in the family we didn't feel we had a choice. And I got this really magnificent book Men's Clothing & Fabrics, in the 1890's.

Thank you, Saint Nicolas!

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