Sunday, 3 October 2010

Edwardian Coat Suit

Today I tried on my Edwardian Coat Suit, with all the other costume parts (blouse, underwear etc.), underneath it. And to my great delight discovered that the only thing that has to be altered is the armhole. Hurraaaaaayyyy!!! And then it can be finished!

The picture doesn't do the suit justice: it is made from purple wool. The collar and the decorative strip, on bottom, the sleeves are from purple silk.


Atlanta said...

It's beautiful! That plum color is scrumptious!

The Historical Costume Inspiration Festival is going on all this week at my blog! I'd love to have you come join the fun!

elma said...


Esther said...

@Atlanta thank your for your compliment! But I am afraid it won't be finished in time to join.

@Elma :-) Dank je! Ik was zelf ook best onder de indruk toen ik alles bij elkaar zag.

Cathy Raymond said...

What I see looks splendid, but I agree you need a better picture. And a smashing hat!

Esther said...

@Cathy, LoL! Better pictures will be taken when the coat is entirely finished. With dark colors like these it best to take pictures outside.
And I have ordered the supplies for the hat today. It will probably be my next project!