Monday, 13 September 2010

Vikingmarket Archeon

The vikingmarket in the Archeon was wet so there where not much visitors. Nevertheless we did have a really good time, cathing up with friends, most of them I only see at events. And usually there is not much time to chat during the openinghours. So I took advantage, and made the best of, the situation. After this weekend I became ill from being cold and wet, my fibromyalgie was acting up again big time. And everything was muddy and wet, all the clothes had to be washed. The tent was hung to dry in our living room and he rain shelter in the basement. Hence I didn't have time or energy to write this post earlier.

To be honest I am not looking forward, to what promises to be another wet event, this coming weekend. We will be attending a small vikingevent then, at the viking information center, on Sunday.

Now for something completly different..

The purple Edwardian coat is hanging untouched, since the previous post, in the closet. I am quite fed up with the whole Edwardian Costume project at this moment. I'll see if I have time tonight to fit the whole outfit, or at least the (semi)finished part of it. To see if it are just the armholes that need adjustment or that the entire coat turned out to wide. I am afraid that it will be the latter.

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Atlanta said...

Ergh. Rainy events aren't the best. I can totally sympathize.

Get well soon!!