Monday, 23 November 2009

Buttons, buttons, buttons....

Sometimes when make costumes you are faced with tough decisions.
Like what buttons to use... ;-)

The buttons I bought for my long victorian coat, are probably more art nouveau/art deco. As I still have an Edwardian costume planned (somewhere in the future) I'd much rather use them then. I think they are to big and not nearly elegant enough to use for this costume.

This weekend I visited the verzamelaarsbeurs in Utrecht (sort of antiques fair) in search of black glass buttons. I did find some, which are suitable for the cuffs, but none for the front. Next stop was Ebay and Marktplaats, but no luck there either. This morning I went to the market and found some horrible black plastic buttons, nicely faceted, but otherwise horrible and plastic. The coat is no where near being finished. The sleeves still need to be set in, it needs to be hemmed, I'm not quite happy with how the pleats in the back look etc etc. I am obessing about the buttons, if I have to buy them on Ebay
Meanwhile I ought to be busy with other things, like preprations for Sinterklaas and my sons upcoming birthday.

I promised my husband not to stress over this coat, but in all honesty I really would like to have it finished (read wearable) before the Anton Pieck Parade on the 12th of December, sooner preferably

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