Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Annoyed; Victorian Gents Waistcoat update

I am getting quite annoyed with myself and the waistcoat that I am working on. I am not satisfied with how it's turning out. I have no choice but to finish it and hope that the end result will be reasonably ok.

I am happy with the Victorian Style Photograph Album that I bought. It is a good place to store our own Victorian style pictures as well as the vintage photo's I own.


cathyr19355 said...

I see that there is a bit of puckering or pulling around the top button. The vest looks really nice to me otherwise. This may sound silly, but would moving the button (or maybe getting other buttons?) help?

Marije said...

Hi Cathy. Thank you so much for thinking with me. Hopefully today I will get around to making buttonholes and sewing the buttons on. So hopefully it will look better than.However I am afraid that the BIG mistake with this waistcoat will turn out to be that it used a reinforcement that is to stiff. Fingers crossed it will not be to bad.