Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Progress report

Here are two picures of the second thorsbjerg style trousers I made for my son. The fabric is wool dyed with walnuthusk and linend with linnen.



The simple birka style wool overtunic is dyed with madder, the hedeby style wool suspended dress is dyed with unionskins and complety handsewn with silk thread.

I've already sewn a tabletwoven band to my suspended dress but I am still unsure wheter or not to sew this tabletwoven band to my tunic.

Is this color scheme subtle ton-sur-ton or too subtle?


Anonymous said...

Hé Es

Go for the trim. I love it. What pattern do you use for your underdress?


Marije said...

Hi Harma,

Thanks, everyone says go for it. So I will probably sew it on when we are there. It's sure warm enough, so I can do without my overdress ;-). My underdress is the same pattern as the overdress, a simple birka style.

cathyr19355 said...

If the trim and the dress weren't both red, I might think it was too subtle. But red was a favored color in period, so I think red on red is just fine.

Marije said...

Hi Cathryn,

After a lot of internal debate and a lot of go for it's by my friends I finally decided to do it.
Unfortunately I didn't get to wear it this event, it was way to hot. So you have for a picture untill August. :-(

BTW Red is my favorite color too!