Friday, 15 May 2009

Anno 1009

From the 30th of April untill the 4th of May we where at an early Medieval event in the Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven. We had a truly lovely time, speaking to old friends and making new ones.
Here you can find our pictures of this event.

I hadn't done much viking stuff during the winter, I had been rather busy with my Victorian Ballgown bodice. But I did manege, to make a pair thorsbjergen style (without feet), brown linnen, trousers for my son. You can see him showing them off in the picture. Together with the weld green woollen tunic, dyed by me, I made for him last year.

Going to this event inspired me to, finally (!) make a plant dyed outfit for myself.

The plan is to make a madder orange/red tunic with a union yellow apron dress on top off it. The tabletwoven bands are made by a friend, Fabiƫn, who is a member of Dorestad 825. Also I would like to make two new linnen underdresses, one with and one without sleeves. Hopefully the colorful top layers will be finished at the end of the month when we attend a viking event at the Archeon.

And this event I finally finished the pair of socks I was making for my friend Aud!

On the subject of my shawl project, well hmmm my cat ate a lot of my warp threads again and we still haven't had the time and courage to repair the damage.

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