Monday, 27 October 2008

I need a coat

I need a coat said the idiot... it's not like there is nothing I have to do. With an late medieval event Middeleeuwse Toestanden coming up this weekend and only little more than one month to go to the Anton Pieck Parade in Haarlem. Add to that my sons birthday on the 30th of November and Sinterklaas. But after looking at my almost finished wonderful and quite expensive costume, and the weather the last couple of years in december, I decided that I need a long coat to protect me from the rain and cold but more importantly my precious velvet costume from the rain.

To stay in style I want to make a long victorian coat, redingote style. Alas I couldn't find a pattern for one. So I have alter the cuirass bodice pattern and merge it together with a 1860's paletot style coat pattern I own. The ultimate goal is to make a coat that I can wear with my 1865's costume and with my 1885's costume.

I purchased black velvet for the outside and black cotton fabric for the inside.
To give it an extra "period" feel, it will have a black braid frog closure. I might add dark brown fur to the collar and cuffs, to give it an extra luxourius look and feel.

Here is my non authentic inspiration for my coat.

It is the redingote Mina Harker (Peta Wilson) wears in the movie the League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen.

Here are two victorian inspirations for my coat:

1. is from La Mode Illustrée, winter 1882, description: Redingote with braid frogs.
2. is from Harper's Bazaar, winter 1885, description: fur trimmes winter costume

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