Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Porpentina Goldstein's Grey Coat from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

One of my sons friends deciced she wanted to do a (Porpen)Tina Goldstein cosplay and asked me for help.

I was only happy to oblige but soon found out that unlike Newt and Doctor Strange there is no Tina cosplay pattern available. So I started to search for a pattern that without too much work could be modified to make a Tina coat. We choose Burda style 6462:

It turned out to be quite a gamble as I had never used a Burda pattern before and hadn't realized that the pattern description was quite different from what I am used to. This actually turned out to be my biggest problem, maybe that is not a smart thing to says as the project is not finished yet. We turned the single row of buttons in a double row by adding 7 cm to the front piece. The other modifications to the pattern were adding flaps to the pockets, turned up cuffs to the sleeves and changing the shape of the collar.

Although pictures like these  are very helpfull I prefer photographs of the actual costume. You can find some here: https://hollywoodmoviecostumesandprops.blogspot.com.

same blog but a blog post of a different date.

Here you can see some great details of the collar.

Great view of the shape of the pockets, pocket flaps 
and turned up cuffs.

And with some work this turned into, this:

Collar is done, sleeves are ready to be sewn on.

This is our progress so far. I let the my son and his friend to most of the work. Copying the pattern on to pattern paper, cutting the fabric and sewing the long and easier seams both the collar and sleeves are my work. Although my son is has some experience he still has a lot to learn and although his friend is a quick learner she is a novice. So due to time concerns I'll be doing most of the stuff from now on. Currently I am fighting with the sleevils !

The rest of the costume will be store bought. We found some very nice things that will look great at H&M. We are lucky that this classical look is currently in fashion. She got my husband to make her a wand, so this cosplay truly will be a joint effort. 

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