Tuesday, 20 February 2018

For the love of the Muff! (part 2)

The previous post has been all about the size of the muff and the eye candy in the shape of fashion plates. I choose to use fashion plates instead of pictures of antique muffs because it's much easier to see the size of the muff. However there are such wonderful orginal nineteenth century muffs out there, that I can't resist the urge to show some of them.

Flamingo feather muff lined with sheep skin.

Shawl and Muff set of fur, American

Pelerine and Muff set of Osterich feathers, French 

Fur Shawl and Muff, British

Peacock feathers, ermine and linen muff, French

Silk evening muff, American
1880 - 1889

Wool and silk muff, decorated with wings of a bird.
ca. 1886

1890's Ermine Cape and Muff

Silk shawl and muff set, French
ca. 1895

Worth Walking Suit with Large fur muff
ca. 1905

Muff are still quite easy to buy here in the Netherlands. There are usually some for sale on Marktplaats and they are still being sold at antique and collectors fair. Even after looking at a whole lot of images I find it hard to distinguish the vintage from the antiques. Muffs stayed in fashion untill the 1950's/1960's and I suspect most muffs you can find are from that era. Having said that, there are some real gems out there, like these two currently sold at Marktplaats. They look like the real deal to me but I lack the knowledge to be sure. I escpecially like the fact that they both still have their original boxes.

If you want a muff buying is not your only option! There are lots of tutorials on how to make a (faux) fur muff. And if you don't want a fur muff you can also crochet or knit one!

Crochet Muff
Godey's Lady's book, February 1863

And if you are interested be sure to read A knitted muff from 1847 from the blog The Fashionable Past. 

Seller schmetterlingtag has often antique crochet and knitting patterns up for sale on Ebay. 

This is all I have time for today, more on how I made my own fur muff, next time!

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