Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Het Straatje van Emma

The weather was soft, the company was good and a merry time was had by all. The first t' Straatje van Emma ( The Street of Emma) was a succes. The name honors the Dutch Queen Emma, the wife of King Willem III. Who became Queen Regent for her daughter Wilhelmina after his death on the 23th of November in 1890.

The (in)famous blue coat in action. I think the best part 
of the coat are the pockets.

Greeting Queen Emma 

picture taken by Paul Veldhuis.
Roel and Noortje in there home for the day.
I think they make a lovely couple.

picture taken by www.txellalarcon.com
Making wooden neckties

picture taken by Matthieu Besteman
With Alice, my son, my niece in our living room for the day.
A lot of really nice people came in to say hello.

My son with his cousin who ofcourse played his sister.
They had a lot of fun together.

I was a very proud aunt!

Our group De Gracieuse.

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