Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Catwalk, historical fashion exhibition, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

 Historical fashion exhibitions seem to be in fashion. I'm not complaining but I am going broke! Still I don't want to miss a thing. Who knows how long it will take before there is another one. This time it was the Catwalk exhibition in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam that had my undivided attention.

Here a very small selection of my photograps:

Robe à la Française, c. 1765 - 1775

Mantua dress with train, c.1759 

Robe à la Française, c. 1765 -1775

Regency Full Evening Dress with train, 1802-1812, silk and gilt brass 

Ball dress of Blonde Lace, 1815-20, silk.

Regency Riding Habit, c. 1826, wool 

Oval Crinoline Day dress, 1863-66, cotton and silk.

Early Bustle day dress 1868-72 

Belle Epoque Dress 1894-95 

Edwardian Coat Suit, linen ca. 1903

Edwardian Wedding dress, 1902, silk and lace 

For much more eyecandy visit my facebook photoalbum.

I am currently working on two project. A small one, a linen 14th century  saint brigitta's coif and a pair of 19th century woollen trousers for my husband. Progress is very slow but at least I am doing creative stuff again!

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