Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Viking market and the Rangers Apprentice Days at the Archeon.

Due to circumstances my husband and I weren't looking forward to our first event of the year. We even thought of not going but our son really wanted to go. So ofcourse we went!
Not much kids his age still voluntarily join their parents in the weird hobby living history basically is. So if the brat wants to go and it is humanily possible, you go. End of discussion (for us that is).

Our decision to go was blessed with great weather and the company of our wonderful friends. I ended up being really happy we went.

Our kids playing with the wooden canoes after closing,
one of the reasons our son loves to go so much!

Keeping an eye on the kids.

Even doing chores is fun here.

And yes even I agree with that..
Here I am nalebinding yet another pair of socks
because my son has outgrown all of his.

But the very best thing of this event was...

Meeting the author of the Ranger's Apprentice
and Brotherband and getting an autograph 
in a his lastest book.
Mr. Flanagan turned out to be not only a wonderful writer
but also a very nice person. 

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