Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sewing kitchen curtains

My son and I both have the flu for almost a week now. We have been spending our days sleeping, and watching television or behind our iPad/iPod. Yesterday I was feeling a little bit better and did some small sewing chores. I repaired a bra, sewed on a button and made curtains for our kitchen.

Although I like to sew, I do not like everything that involves sewing. Like altering, repairing and sewing curtains. I find sewing curtains a lot of work and very boring. I always put it off because well there is this costumes that really needs to be finished. This attitude means I have this growing pile of must-sew-chores. These three can now be crossed of that list and that does make me happy.

Exhausted but happy...


Cathy Raymond said...

I'm happy to hear you got your curtains done; they look great!

But I can relate. I've been sick since Friday, and I might have the flu, though the doctor thinks it might be strep throat instead.

All the best to you and your son!

Esther said...

Get well soon Cathy! I hope it's just flu.

Cathy Raymond said...

I do too, because I'm already taking anti-virals for the flu, and if it's strep, I'll need to start all over again with antibiotics. Anyway, thanks for your kind words, and I hope you get well soon too!