Thursday, 4 September 2014

Small projects

I have a lot of small projects of projects that need finishing. Here are some of the things I've done.

This broomstick lace scarf has been finished and blocked for quite a while now, I just hadn't gotten around to making a picture.

And I finally made a black velvet belt to with my antique silver plated belt buckle. I am quite happy with the end result.

It will be a nice finishing touch when I wear it with my 1840's -1860's wrapper I made last year.

Here are some examples of victorian ladies with belts over there dresses.
I am sure the dress in the first picture is a wrapper. 
I am not about the dress in the second picture.

I found these pictures on pinterest and
couldn't trace the source.

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Cathy Raymond said...

Those are great photos! I really like the photograph of the lady in the 1860s skirt with the velvet chevrons on it.