Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Update: purple 50's dress

After several failed attempts I gave up on trying to make the bodice of the Butterick B5605 retro pattern work. Apparently there are people out there who can make it work but alas I am just not one of them.
Lucky enough for me I had quite some fabric left, so I decided  to make the bodice of another Butterick 50's dress, pattern B5556.
I think it is a pity that is less fitted than the original bodice, which is basically a princes seam and I know I'll probably run into some trouble when sewing on the skirt, but  at least the chance I'll end up with a dress is a little bit higher....

As it is finally winter outside I could use a nice warm woollen winter dress!

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Cathy Raymond said...

Good luck with the dress, whatever bodice it ends up with!