Friday, 16 November 2012

Victorian Bustle Overskirt

The inside of my bustle overskirt. With the pleats pinned to the waistband. The netting adds volume and stiffness. The pleats have to be sewn by hand first, before sewing the skirt to the waistband with the machine. My husband pinned the pleats for me because I didn't have the patience for it.

Honey does my bum look big in this outfit?

This is how far I got with overskirt untill now, I still need to sew on the ribbons on the inside of the skirt to create the poufs in the back. I started working on that last night, but was too tired and make mistakes  so I decided to quit. When the skirt is finished I am thinking of decorating it with red fabric roses. has a nice article on how to make them.

I always fight with my hair , especially the morning of the Anton Pieck Parade, when I have to get up early and try to manage my unmanageable hair with my sleepy head. Sick and tired of this beauty stress I deciced to look for a solution and bought a braided bun.

It's a clip -on by Balmain from the Elegance Collection. It arrived yesterday and though I am happy with it's going to take some practice, and some more hairpins, to keep the thing in place.The clip it small and not very strong and hasn't got enough grip on my hair.


Anonymous said...

Looks good so far!

Cailin Coilleach said...

> Honey does my bum look big in this outfit?

I think the word you're looking for is "awesome".

Cathy Raymond said...

It does look good.

It's also wonderful that you have a husband who can and will actually help you with sewing and costuming activities! My husband admires my knowledge and skill with costuming, but he believes he's all thumbs with regard to anything related to sewing.

Esther said...

@Cathy he's a jack of all trades and better in most things than I am! Which is great because he helps me a lot but sometimes it's also really annoying ;-)